MUMCY has updated it’s documentation and come out with a new and improved Youth Event Release Form to cover our youth and volunteers in all of the awesome things we do here together. Even if you have an old release form on file we are requesting that a new one be filled out for all upcoming events. 

This latest version of the paperwork will be valid until September 2017, barring any changes to the NC State Law or changes in Youth Ministry guidelines.  The Photo Release Form will be valid indefinitely until rescinded in writing. The Medical Form will be the only form that will require updating as allergies, medical concerns, insurance can be inconstant flux and we want to be sure to always have the latest information to provide the best care for your youth.

Please complete the three release documents and returned them to a member of our youth staff. All three of these forms and a copy of your insurance card are required in order for your youth to participate in any Youth Ministry Sponsored Activity.

Click here for the MUMCY Release Form
Click here for the MUMCY Medical Information Form
Click here for the “MUMCY Photo Release Form” (please only complete this form if you have not done so for a previous year)

Please complete these forms and return it to a member of the youth staff by email, fax (704)845-2830, or in person to the Youth Office.