Kickoff Sunday

At yesterday’s meeting, we decided on This is Amazing Grace and Build Your Kingdom Here. If you don’t know them well, here are some samples:

This version: there are at least three guitar parts, please note how the dynamics change from verse to chorus. James please makes sure your comfortable with the bass part since it’s just you and drums. I would love to have a different vocalist lead each verse. Makes a lot of sense for Katie to do the break with just her and acoustic.

Build Your Kingdom Here:

This is a different version. The original can be easily found if you want, but this song is harder to translate live, we can go over it Wednesday. I’d love for Jason to take the lead on this in the beginning. Karley, it might be cool to do some pads that have a lot of texture instead of the brass they use. We can work out harmony and vox as well.

Any questions?