What does it mean to live a life where you aren’t shaken by hard times? A life where you know you will have everything you need, all the time, no matter what. People who live like that are rare. They develop a grounded view of life somehow that’s a mystery to others.

It’s not that their lives are perfect or without struggles. It’s just that they don’t let those hardships distract them from what really matters. They are rooted.

Our faith tells us that we should be those people. We should be so secure in our God that we can’t be distracted. We reasonably assume the Lord is taking care of us, even when it doesn’t appear that way.

We believe God is raising up a generation of new believers who have this kind of faith. They pray like it’s all up to God, but act like it’s all up to them. They laugh in the face of the world’s expectations to instead see the inward smile of Jesus in their lives. They know that no plan formed against them can succeed if they commit their ways to following the one true God.

We are called as Christians to Be MORE like Christ – to DO MORE with our faith – to TELL MORE about what we believe – and to LIVE MORE fully into who God has created us to be.